Samples of our Work

Here are a few examples of our work. These videos are all 1080p transfers from our own collection of 8mm films.

Note: these are not customer films – we will never share your films with anyone unless you give your explicit consent to do so.

1979 - Mountains of Italy

I love this video, because it really shows the content that can be extracted from decent source material using our process. Helped by the extra resolution of Super8, the videographer is able to get stunning shots of the mountains in Italy.

I used a wide crop on this video – hence the fringey bits you see at the top and bottom of the frame – so as to preserve as much of the beautiful scenery as possible.

1961 - Galveston

This film was part of an anniversary gift from my Husband. I wanted more Texas related films as part of my collection! It shows a young couple’s trip to the beach at Galveston. You can see the love.

For this film I used a closer crop, to show the different options we can offer for transferring your films.

Scenes from New York

This is an undated regular 8 film that we came across, featuring some brief scenes of the streets of New York, and the New York Aquarium. I’m impressed that the filmographer was able to get decent low-exposure shots of the fish.

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