Privacy Policy

About this site does not use cookies. The only information we collect on this website is basic web server logs, including IP address and your browser version. We do not sell or give this data away, under any circumstances.

No tracking code (like Google Analytics) is used on this website.

Our invoicing and payments are done by Square, and you can see their privacy policy here. If you don’t like their privacy policy, contact us and we’ll arrange something else.

About your films

We will not show your films or the resulting digital files to anyone without your explicit permission. We will return all materials you provide to us. We will only retain your digital files for up to 30 days, or until you ask that we delete them.

We store all files on encrypted disks where possible, and make them available to you via a secure encrypted cloud service. If you prefer, we can return them on physical media with your films instead. Just provide the media – a large USB disk or SD card would be easiest. The price is the same regardless of file delivery method.

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