We charge based on the length of your film, at a flat rate of $15 per 100 feet. That includes scanning to 1080p MP4 files, delivery via either secure cloud link or provided removable media, and a film leader splice if required. You can estimate how much film you have based on the diameter of your reels.

Reel Diameter Film Length
3" Reel 50 ft
4" Reel 100 ft
5" Reel 200 ft
6" Reel 300 ft
7" Reel 400 ft

You will only pay for the film that we are able to transfer. The minimum order is $15, shipping not included.


We will include the cost of the return shipping label in the invoice. For small orders, this will typically run $6-8. We ship using USPS Media Mail, or your choice between Priority Mail or UPS Ground. For orders $100 and up, return shipping is free!

If you don’t want to deal with shipping, we have a drop-off location in Deep Ellum, near downtown Dallas. It is available weekdays 8am to 5pm, and you’ll have the assurance of handing your precious films directly to a human.

Other Fees

We like to keep pricing simple. However, some circumstances may increase the cost of the transfer operation. We strive to be transparent and generous regarding these fees. Damaged and improperly spooled film (wherein the length of the film exceeds the reel size) may require additional labor to get scanned, in which case we’ll update you and ask how you would like to proceed.

In most cases, are are able to scan the film as-is (sometimes with a new splice or two), and no surcharge is necessary.


Below are a few things that we are currently unable to do. If there’s something on this list that you would relaly like to see us get done for you, then please drop us a line. It’ll help us to know what services people are looking for.

Film with Sound

With our current equipment, we are unable to transfer sound from 8mm films. Most 8mm film does not have sound, as cameras and projectors that supported sound were (and still are) considerably more expensive. Film that has a magnetic soundtrack can be identified by a copper-colored strip on the edge.

Undeveloped Film

We are not able to process film at this time, we can only transfer already developed film. If the film is on a reel that says “For Projector Use”, and you see the individual frames on it, then we can transfer that for you!

Other Formats

Currently we only do Regular 8mm and Super 8 films. We are capable of doing color, negative color, and black & white scans.

We do not have the equipment for transferring 35mm film, 16mm film, magnetic 8mm video cassettes, or VHS.

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